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At FCB Productions Group we seek out and continue to build a group of services and companies that allow us to create experiences, transport an audience and help solve problems within multiple creative industries.

We foster emotion, incubate and nurture talent, tell stories, help form and launch ideas and fundamentally create an impact.

Services and Companies

Belstone Pictures is an independent development and production company for international feature film content.

Boomtown Web.jpg

Matterley Estate has hosted and produced events and festivals for the last 20 years. FCB consults and advises the Estate across their portfolio of diverse events; currently including Boomtown Music Festival and the British MotoX Grand Prix.

Initially a commercial set up, Finn Bruce Photography is now an expression of passion and creativity as his hobby of photographing people and culture is explored.




Floan | The Flight Loan Company

FCA Regulated business, providing POS flight loans and travel solutions for consumers.

Launching 2024.


A high concept Film Finance and Executive Producing company. 

Although The Gentleman's Journal is no longer part of FCB, Finn was Co-Founder and Creative Director of the online, e-commerce and print magazine company until a successful exit.

The Bigger Picture is set up to help people affected by day to day, non diagnosable issues such as anxiety, loss, overwhelm or depression... Whatever the unique situation, we have a foundation of support available, tailor made for each and every person.


Your travel directory, personal guide and concierge built for travellers, by travellers. 

Launching beta Fall 2024.


To bring the pub to your doorstep. Bringing beer, cocktails and Prosecco on tap to London residents for pre booked delivery slots.

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